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BURST WIZARDTM kING KONG sUPER 2 + 100% MILSIM = BURST WIZARD 3 ( hardwire or plug'n'play )
"BURST WIZARDTM - AEG Wizard - AEG Burst Wizard - Airsoft MOSFET News"

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Burst Wizard has done it again!  BW 3 = 100% MILSIM MOSFET for every AEG!

Burst Wizard 3 + Any AEG =  REAL STEEL Response And ROF

Click to see video of BW Vs Swiss Arms / Avocado

Demystify MOSFET for everyday Airsoft Players

We welcome Begadi as our exclusive distributor for Germany


* Allow the only real steel way to adjust the ROF of every AEG to fire and sound like a real gun in around 15 to 20 rounds per second: Full 100% battery power to cycle the gear when firing each BB just like a real steel and allow you to set the pause time in between BB firing in 0.005 second and up. The result is the smoothest real steel like firing experience that everyone had been dreaming for from an Airsoft gun!

* Real Steel like bullet counting and magazine capacity setting. Burst Wizard records every BB fired in semi-auto, burst and fullauto firing to give you real steel like capacity setting. Once the magazine capacity is reached, a pre-programmed fixed delay where the gun is locked out from firing to simulate magazine change time. Alternatively, a micro switch can be installed into your AEG bolt area to allow manual resetting for even more real steel experience.

* Fire up to 3 rounds of x-y-z burst to hit 3 targets with one pull of the trigger! Much faster trigger response and realism than pulling the trigger 3 times or spraying aimlessly in fullatuo! x,y,z from 1 to 9,  - from 0.02 second and up. Fire real steel speed 3 round burst using 1-1-1 or fire any combination of your choice: 3-3-3, 3-2-1, 2-2-2, 3-3, 2-2, 1-1........

* Of course, BW3 has all the features of a Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 too!

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BW 3 features quick demo video (30 seconds) demo

BW3 three rounds of 3-round burst & full power bullet firing ROF reduction demo

BW3 bullet counting. The world's only 100% MILSIM MOSFET demo

With BW 3, every stock AEG transforms instantly to a custom gun without needing special upgrades in order to fire like a real steel.

No special gear ratio gear set to run the gun slower to emulate real steel speed.

No need to buy stronger gear set in order to run 11.1V LIPO because of overly high speed.

Just let your BW 3 adjust the speed of your AEG firing in real time cycle by cycle to achieve real steel ROF and extend the life of all the internal parts too.

Remember, one BW 3 can easily be shared by all of your personal AEGs because all these functions work not only in hardwired mode but also in plug-and-play mode too!

Or get our most popular and lower cost WKKS2 if 100% MILSIM is not in your game plan yet.

The Ultimate Computerized Burst Firing AEG MOSFET - Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2

CE & RoHS Certified mean quality and safety for you!

New 2014 feature for the Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2!

In plug-and-play mode, BW KK Super 2 also works with most AEGs that already have a MOSFET in it! Now you can enjoy all the extra features without modifying your AEG!

Lowest cost full-feature hardwired or plug-and-play AIRSOFT AEG MOSFET

Super small size 1.3"L x 0.6"W x 0.35"H (33mm x 15mm x 9mm)
     + All Burst Wizard King Kong Elite featues (See Order Burst Wizard page)
New, durable & safe LiFePO4 battery low voltage protection in addition to LIPO
     + Proprietary Adaptive Resettable Fuse to protect your AEG
        (gearbox lockup, motor over current, wiring short)

Shop owners, field operators and AEG manufacturers are welcome to contact me for bulk orders! Contact:

New Review -
In French (40 mins detailed review of Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 Airsoft AEG MOSFET)

Demo1:Trigger Response Increase With Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 MOSFET

Demo2: Cycle gear 3-round burst, Precocking & Adaptive Resettable fuse tripping

2014 BWKKS2 new command #11 to precisely train BWKKS2 to fire your burst rounds

Burst Wizard has a facebook fan page! Click 'LIKE' and leave comment there for a chance to win a big discount coupon towards getting a Burst Wizard King Kong Super!

With almost every field that you play at requires some sort of firing limitation, what is more easily and economically accomplished than installing our BWKKS2 into any of your AEGs.

Adaptive Smart Resettable Fuse is our proprietary feature that protects your valuable AEG in the event that your gearbox / motor is lockup or wiring short. It will cut off power to the motor in a fraction of a second to prevent any real damages done to the gearbox, motor and wiring regardless of battery types, battery voltage, your AEG power rating and battery draining conditions!  Battery types supported: LiPo, LiFePO4, NIMH, NICD. Voltages: 7.2V ~ 16.5V

With all the upgrades that you can think of for your AEGs, AIRSOFT AEG MOSFET should rate very high on your list. Now, with the Smart Fuse feature in our BWKKS2, incredibly small size and our lowest pricing ; what are your waiting for?

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When buying a computerized MOSFET for your AEG, the #1 feature is still the MOSFET itself! BWKKS2 MOSFET uses the most robust and the largest package currently available in the world to handle power and heat for the most power demanding AEGs with (IRF3034S-7). Plus it has the smallest size and most useful features of all the MOSFETs out there! Don't go with inferior MOSFETs used in other products like AVOCADO, Gate MERF 3.2 Mosfet and others!

I guarantee that you will be thrilled by owning one and will not play another game without it!

+ Super small size 33mm x 15mm x 9mm
+ Adaptive Resettable Fuse for peace of mind protection of your beloved AEGs
+ Full featured computer controlled user programmable firing control (burst,
   resume full auto, precocking, sniper mode, variable ROF, battery protection, report
   battery voltage, report ROF...MILSIM features...)
+ Introductory price of only US$37.99

Here is the ENGLISH user manual: Burst Wizard King Kong Super English user manual

Here is the FRENCH user manual:  Burst Wizard King Kong Super French user manual (No fuse)

Coming up soon  GERMAN user manual:

Coming up soon SPANISH user manual:

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Burst Wizard has a facebook fan page! Click 'LIKE' and leave comment there for a chance to win a big discount coupon towards getting a Burst Wizard King Kong Super!

Beside having the best features of the world, BWKKS2 size is just amazingly small!
Small size is a must have feature for ease of installation into any AEGs! No other computerized MOSFET is even come close to BWKKS2 size, features and performance. Now Only USD $37.99!

For potential ASCU MOSFET buyers, please seeHERE FIRST!

Burst Wizard LV, Burst Wizard King Kong Elite and Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 are reaching hobbyists in all parts of the World besides in the USA! Burst Wizard fans cover UK, France, Hungary, BelgiumIreland, Russia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, MexicoBrazil, Argentina, South Africa, Japan, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Finland Thailand New Zealand Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey and more to come

Burst Wizard is also being shipped to the

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